collected news here WHO owns the Reading Viaduct?  Who controls what? Here are selections from years of “reporting.”  Too bad there hasn’t been more investigative journalism. There’s a marked progression from genuine confusion through to stupidity, then subterfuge, to most recently willful blindness. Who owns? Who controls? Answer here, on our website. NYC High Line Inspires Philadelphia […]

  What’s Modern Now?  Less is More and Too Much is Never Enough. pI The recent pickle over the The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)’s Tod Williams and Billie Tsien designed former Folk Art Museum facade along Manhattan’s 53rd Street leads to wonder. What’s Modern now?  It’s sad people aren’t speaking.  Sad people believe M0MA’s move to remove designed by Diller, […]

most recent news here This was originally published on the VIADUCTgreene blog August 4, 2013                               With the experience and wisdom of over fifty years, our P&R at it’s most handsome and powerful pulled off the opening its grand Reading Terminal […]

  Collected  News  Here VIADUCTgreene creates a garden of intersecting culture and wildness.  Earlier posts romanced about sleeping cars rolling over the viaductgreene from Reading’s great victorian trainshed to points far and wide.  About the time you’d be going to sleep you’d most likely be along the Lehigh River on the Lehigh Valley Railroad and maybe, as […]

December 3.   75  Years Ago.  -it spans the miles with the effortless ease of an eagle in its flight. This week’s diamond and gold anniversary of Reading’s Stainless Steel Streamlined Train deserves note.  Philadelphia designed, and Philadelphia built. The Reading Train was the first light-weight, stainless steel, streamlined , air-conditioned train to serve Philadelphia […]

   JOSHUA DAVID: 9/11, you know, was another example where, you know, I thought it was just over. I mean, not just the city, but selfishly, when I was standing on my roof watching the towers come down, one of my first thoughts was, well, you know, there goes the High Line too. ROBERT HAMMOND: Josh’s and I first reaction […]

“Dear Dad: One thing I want this Christmas more than anything is a Lionel Electric Train.… You ought to see the way they run! Like a million dollars. And they whistle too. Real railroad whistle signals by remote control. You can couple and  uncouple cars electrically, from a distance, just by touching a button; and reverse the train or […]

                                there’s great fun to be had making much of the Philadelphia P&R-PRR hatreds and train sheds–a lot of stories to be told and lessons to be learned.  At the end of it, we know that all is well in […]

Wolfgang Oehme died yesterday morning. Alternatively, this blog’s and its bloggers’ mentor, colleague, boss, co-conspirator, trouble-maker, he was more than anything, dearest friend.  His considerable passion and curiosity embolden every idea VIADUCTgreene contemplates and advances. We’ve mentioned this previously and will continue to. Also and relatedly, we’ve discussed the importance of celebrating our American Place and a […]

Philadelphia’s singular world-class asset is a whole much greater than the sum of its parts. The 9th Street and City Branches of the former Philadelphia & Reading Railroad join to create a 3 mile long corridor that passes not only through Eraserhood, but skirts renown museums, combines with hundreds of miles of established trails, the […]

I’m not one to anthropomorphize. In fact, I’m pretty harsh about letting people know when to throw their infested or diseased plants away. Let go already; it’s dead! Out! Last week a ‘client’ was suggesting decorative planting about a rock outcropping along her long driveway. It’s a long driveway. I suggested the rock was fine. […]

Labor Day. Ruminations. The design backdrop. 1878. Landscape Architect Nathan Franklin Barrett is recommended to George Pullman, who was looking to develop his oceanfront property at Elberon, New York. Barrett, in turn, recommended to Pullman an up-and-coming architect by the name of Solon Beman, with whom Barrett had collaborated on several private estates. “Pullman was so satisfied […]

Bucolic. Busy. B&O. Brewerytown. Above, our photographer is standing in Fairmount Park having a twentieth-century view of Park Junction tower, the North (or railroad East) end of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. That’s Bergdoll Brewery up to the right on Parish St. & 29th. And yeahyeahyeah yeah, that’s the pedestrian bridge there at the bottom of 29th […]

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April is the cruelest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. – T.S. Elliot. The Waste Land. 1922 Over the course of this blog we’ve discussed taste, style & design, Genius of Place, Philly Genius, borrowed and absorbed styles, Simplicity, blah, blah, and blah. […]


I wanted to blog about making gardens today, but in all the Philadelphia football excitement (Michael Vick beats, drowns and hangs dogs. Michael Vick goes to the big haus, Michael Vick gets released. Michael Vick still plays football very well. Michael Vick again pines to own a dog. Prez Obama, in a call to Eagles […]