originally  published  June 24, 2013  at  the  VIADUCTgreene  blog… Let’s review… New York Stories… 7/15/2009 from the Villager … High Line Group Hopes District Will Keep Park On Track 8/3/2009 from the New York Post… Sky High Costs. Tax-Seeking New Park Already Priciest 8/13/2009 from Curbed New York… High LIne Backlash:Mo ‘Money Mo’ Problems 8/12/2009 from the Villager […]

  VIADUCTgreene was founded in 2010 with a decidedly entrepreneurial and provocative  attitude toward advocacy, philanthropy and creating true civic equity where none existed before. Q. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from working on VIADUCTgreene these past few years? A. Every action the least bit provocative has political challenges. I think it’s important to work […]

                                Reading and rereading Planting, A New Perspective brings on certain euphoria.  Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury raise planting design to what it seems only a very few practitioners and admirers know it to be – the greatest art form ever.  Now […]

People send along pics asking what’s what? and who’s who? Here’s one fun to talk about.   Evening Primrose along the 9th Street Branch with crossing wires to make Charles Demuth happy. Haverford Bike makes an impressive backdrop. A biennial with hermaphrodite flowers you can eat in your salad. Not something I’d work to include in […]

************************************************************************************************************************************************* Meet Fast Forward >> 2012 Amanda Beebe >> Lutron Halee Bouchehrain >> Phenomenarch Michael Burlando >> MGA Architects & Alex Feldman >> U3 Ventures Ryan Draving >> CompeteLeap Jason Goodman >> 3rd Ward Darla Jackson >> Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Simon Kim >> IK Studio Kara Lindstrom >> ExCITe, Drexel University Joe McNulty >> Curbed Sarah Thorp >> Design Advocacy Group Paul vanMeter >> VIADUCTgreene ******************************************************************************************************************************************** above l below […]

Wolfgang Oehme died yesterday morning. Alternatively, this blog’s and its bloggers’ mentor, colleague, boss, co-conspirator, trouble-maker, he was more than anything, dearest friend.  His considerable passion and curiosity embolden every idea VIADUCTgreene contemplates and advances. We’ve mentioned this previously and will continue to. Also and relatedly, we’ve discussed the importance of celebrating our American Place and a […]

 Tit for Tat. thoughts from the Manayunk Bridge. “Trails connect Philly and Main Line” “It’s not just, ‘Build a cool park and they will come.’ It’s, ‘Build a cool park and connect it to a framework.’ ”-James Corner VIADUCTgreene! …. connections to a framework from American Railroad Journal. Sept.16.1882 Construction of Competing Lines by the […]

I’m not one to anthropomorphize. In fact, I’m pretty harsh about letting people know when to throw their infested or diseased plants away. Let go already; it’s dead! Out! Last week a ‘client’ was suggesting decorative planting about a rock outcropping along her long driveway. It’s a long driveway. I suggested the rock was fine. […]

The New York Central Park. “This is a great work, and the city will ultimately have to pay a great bill for it. The original cost for the ground was nearly $5,000,000, and in addition to this the city has paid $275,000 for State property within its limits; and now it is proposed to extend […]

What it isn’t. I’ve established the fact that I Love the High Line. VIADUCTgreene could not and would not be without it; there would be no conversation here. The High Line isn’t a model for VIADUCTgreene. The High Line isn’t a standard for other places to strive to become. The High Line isn’t real outside of its very specific […]