Philadelphia Flower Show

                          When I saw palm trees along 20th Street last Spring I rolled my eyes.  Then I read the PHS news of the 2012 Flower Show theme, Hawaii: Islands of Aloha!   I love the flower show.  It’s about all we have left of anything Exposition like. […]

We don’t have them like we used to. It’s too bad. As I walk through the great P&R trainshed, contemplating “Springtime in Paris” and VIADUCTgreene, I wonder about our country’s dearth of individualism, our need to beg, borrow and steal from other places and cultures. Though, still, I’m inspired when I pass through the trainshed, […]

Exposition. We don’t have them like we used to. The plethora of pussywillow being toted all about town indicates we still do. And that it’s good. Below, Wolfgang Oehme prepares a plant listing for VIADUCTgreene.