Frederick Law Olmsted

While others rail on with fundraising for some Rail Park “Phase 1 Maintenance Fund,” one day they disingenuously claim is “slated for construction in July 2014″ then on a following day they describe merely as a “proposed park,”  VIADUCTgreene remains steady as founded, genuine,  grounded- in the Garden, not on some Fantastically Phased Parkpie in the Sky. VIADUCTgreene remains steady as founded, honing […]

  P&R presidents Franklin Gowen and Archibald Angus McLeod were features in our previous ‘mad men and their big ideas’ posts. Between the two them was the greatest mad man of the three – nabob and true robber baron, Austin Corbin.  His NYTimes obituary in June 1896 hardly lists his interest in our P&R, so eclipsed by […]

                                  As we enjoy pointing out, when the Reading Terminal opened in Jan 1893, it wasn’t just for Chestnut Hill local and its likes. For a brief while, under the lead of Archibald Angus McLeod, the P&R had  pulled off […]

Collected News Here Seed catalogs, trade shows, winter gardening.  The business of gardening rumbles reliably as all those trains once did into Philadelphia’s Victorian stations and terminals. And so much relates.  The last 1.1.2103 blog post related Philadelphia’s gilded, gritty and authentic, Victorian “Age of the Great Machine” and the product of its arts, fine and […]

Population concentrated & population distributed. Permanent reversal of suburban sprawl! Staggering spatial and cultural change! Imagineeering VIADUCTgreene, recognizing its rich history, the powerful sense of place and how it became, the terraine vague, the ruderal garden and its sustained nature, one quickly understands. “The automobile and decentralizing communication technologies have accelerated and greatly expanded horizontal metropolitan […]

The New York Central Park. “This is a great work, and the city will ultimately have to pay a great bill for it. The original cost for the ground was nearly $5,000,000, and in addition to this the city has paid $275,000 for State property within its limits; and now it is proposed to extend […]