Frank Furness

While others rail on with fundraising for some Rail Park “Phase 1 Maintenance Fund,” one day they disingenuously claim is “slated for construction in July 2014″ then on a following day they describe merely as a “proposed park,”  VIADUCTgreene remains steady as founded, genuine,  grounded- in the Garden, not on some Fantastically Phased Parkpie in the Sky. VIADUCTgreene remains steady as founded, honing […]

Originally published April 19, 2013 on the VIADUCTgreene Blog.  Collected news HERE. AMC’s hit-series season six it’s 1966; wartime and suburban dystopia is having its effects. Season five finale had Peter Campbell getting hit in the face and thrown off his train to Greenwich. Conductor: I’m about to throw you off. Pete: Go ahead, you fat piece of crap. Conductor: I […]

Collected News Here Seed catalogs, trade shows, winter gardening.  The business of gardening rumbles reliably as all those trains once did into Philadelphia’s Victorian stations and terminals. And so much relates.  The last 1.1.2103 blog post related Philadelphia’s gilded, gritty and authentic, Victorian “Age of the Great Machine” and the product of its arts, fine and […]

Collected News Here The Mummers proceeded up Broad Street to the new City Hall, where the judging took place, and then north to Girard Avenue…. “…at 10:00 a.m. on January 1, 1901, the first organized Mummers Parade got underway from the corner of Reed and Broad Streets, with the newly established Fancy Division leading off. The comics followed. The Mummers proceeded up Broad Street to the new City Hall, […]

“I was becoming increasingly fascinated by the subtle shifts between what was real and what wasn’t. For example, our locomotives were true to the prototype in appearance and capable of pulling cars along tracks and climbing grades, but they didn’t run like real engines at all.  Inside their bodies were electric motors.  I wanted locomotives and […]

Our friend, Annik La Farge,  just posted Introducing Urban Greenways: Other Projects Around the World, a new feature on her Livin’ the High Line Blog.  Taking a look at the variety of projects drives home the signifficance of  ”Philadelphia’s singular world-class asset; a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.” VIADUCTgreene, The 9th Street and City Branches […]

when the upholstery leaves explorations ensue. “Outside lies utterly ordinary space open to any casual explorer willing to find the extraordinary. Outside lies unprogrammed awareness that at times becomes directed serendipity. Outside lies magic.” ‎”The whole concatenation of wild and artificial things, the natural ecosystem as modified by people over the centuries, the built environment […]

9.26. 2011  the New York Times: Reading, Pa., Knew It Was Poor. Now It Knows Just How Poor. “Reading, a struggling city of 88,000 that has earned the unwelcome distinction of having the largest share of its residents living in poverty, barely edging out Flint, Mich., according to new Census Bureau data.”   In 1900, […]

our last chapter was the ‘Royal Blue’ side of VIADUCTgreene.  this one’s Green.  or greene.  Spring Green.  Spring Garden Green and Green Street green. June.1832 (!). the Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad (PG&N) began rail passenger service between this colonial building at 9th and Green Streets in Philadelphia and Germantown. the cars were pulled by horses. […]

Bucolic. Busy. B&O. Brewerytown. Above, our photographer is standing in Fairmount Park having a twentieth-century view of Park Junction tower, the North (or railroad East) end of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. That’s Bergdoll Brewery up to the right on Parish St. & 29th. And yeahyeahyeah yeah, that’s the pedestrian bridge there at the bottom of 29th […]

1914. John Folinsbee made a painting called “Poughkeepsie Bridge #45″ with a beautiful Impressionistic technique reminiscent of Cezanne. 1916. 24-year-old John Folinsbee moved to New Hope, Pa. and started a fairly obsessive period of painting industrial scenes. Maybe he arrived on the P&R. By the 1920s, when he made “Trenton Platform,” the New York Times […]

“A person never gets the most from his contact the earth unless he owns a bit of it and has the right and privilege to manipulate it,” wrote Liberty Hyde Bailey in Countryside Magazine 20 from 1915. The hopeful and progressive of Philadelphia’s growing middle class, guided by lifestyle magazines with celebrity editors, claimed and […]